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DPA Industrial

Built around the robust industrial-grade casing of the custom-designed C1 Camera, DPA Industrial is a high-end photogrammetry system that has been specifically created for both resilience and simplicity.


The C1 Camera is a 50-megapixel digital camera contained within an IP51-rated housing that makes it ideal for use on the shop floor, in the workshop or in outdoor environments. As well as its tough casing, it boasts a simplified control schema that reduces user interaction to targeting and image capture, aided by a laser targeting grid that is projected onto the measurement object.


Part of the AICON DPA Series, DPA Industrial works in combination with the advanced DPA Pilot software platform to deliver a fully automatic workflow that can be managed by any user, with minimal training, from signalising and shooting through calculation and reporting.

DPA Industrial

High-End Shop-Floor Photogrammetry Made Easy

Metrology-Grade Accuracy
High-end photogrammetry technology delivers measurement accuracy to within 10 microns.

Resilient Casing
Ruggedised IP51-rated housing offers strong environmental protection for the high-end optical equipment inside the C1 Camera unit.

Cable-Free Operation
Built-in high-speed WiFi connectivity, remote-control functionality and ultra-long-life battery good for over 5000 images deliver unmatched portability and flexibility.

Easy Targeting
Dedicated viewfinder augmented by laser projected targeting grid make image capture fast and straight-forward, even from difficult angles.

Simple Control
Simplified control schema minimises operating errors during measuring tasks, making photogrammetry an easy point-and-shoot exercise that requires minimal training.

Measurement Accessories
The DPA Industrial package comes with a complete set of targets, adaptors and scale bars, used for the referencing which forms the basis of measurement calculations.

Minimal Installation Cost
LightRunner s advanced positioning technology achieves accurate results without adding sophisticated automation technology, logistics or tooling, so there s no need to invest in expensive new robots, Smart Part systems or new fixtures.

Wide Compatibility
Modern, easy to use interface to major metrology software packages